Neva Howell

    Tiểu sử

    Neva was born in Georgia and grew up in the south, mostly Alabama. Neva attended acting school in New York and spent a few years in Los Angeles. She has made the south her base but has periodically returned to Los Angeles for training with teachers including Stephen Tobolowsky and Lisa Dalton. She also completed round one of The Groundlings training with Patrick Bristow. Though Neva attended many classes during her stay, she considers these three to be highlights of her visits to Los Angeles. Neva can be heard delivering an inside Steven Soderbergh joke (subtle, did you catch it?) in Logan (2017) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017) as well as playing a mean bus driver with a heart of gold in episode 5 of the final season of The Originals. She is Gina in Burden (2018), which won Audience Award, dramatic, at Sundance 2018. Mean nurses seemed a theme for 2017 including Martha in Run the Race (2018) and Dee Dee in Outcast: The Common Good (2017). However, Neva loves comedy. She is Sister Eleanor in Novitiate (2017) and the hard-nosed waitress in Still the King: The King Has Left the Building (2016) and Salt-of-the-earth Alma in Mercy Street (2016). Neva loves bringing life to small, interesting parts. It's like polishing a little diamond in a big necklace of precious gems. Neva's passions include holistic health and wellness education. She was a full-time healing facilitator for many years. She maintains an online wellness library called Ask A Healer and looks at life through a spiritual lens. Her greatest desire for her career is that she be invited to inhabit roles in films that want to make a positive difference on earth.